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Linda Steele
Linda Steele
SPED Director


Special Services Director
605-422-3800 Ext. 1103
Linda .Steele@k12.sd.us

The Dakota Valley School District provides special education services to eligible students from birth to 21. Students are identified through a referral and evaluation process. If students are determined eligible, the student's multidisciplinary team develops an Individual Education Program (IEP) to address areas of need. Through the IEP, students may receive support from a team of special education staff including special education teachers, paraeducators, speech/language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and school psychologists.

 Dakota Valley’s Early Childhood Special Education Staff is available to conduct screenings for children ages 3-5 years old who live in the Dakota Valley School District.  If you have concerns with your preschooler’s language development, understanding of preschool concepts, or motor skills please contact Linda Steele at 422-3800 or linda.steele@k12.sd.us to discuss your concerns.

Alternative Instruction Learning (Homeschool)

Parents/guardians who choose to provide alternative instruction pursuant to SDCL 13-27-3 are required to file an Alternative Instruction Notification. The notification must be submitted on a form provided by the Department of Education.

Notification Letter              Notification Form


Parent Resources


Determining Eligibility in SD

Early Learning Guidelines

CDC Milestones Info & Tracker

Parental Rights And Procedural Guide-English

Transition out of High School

Bright Start

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