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About Dakota Valley

Last Updated: 8/4/2021 2:46 PM

The Dakota Valley School District #61-8, which was formed in 1994, is comprised of approximately 34 square miles. It is nestled in the southeastern most corner of South Dakota and includes North Sioux City and the surrounding residential areas including the Dakota Dunes CID.

This growing community is comprised of several well-known, established companies. Many are actively involved and support the education of the children. The district offers facilities that are modern and conducive to today's style of teaching and learning. Dakota Valley strives to live up to its proud panther mascot by exhibiting strong school unity and meeting every child's needs. 


                                                                     Mascot: Panther
                                                        Colors: Purple, Black and Silver
                                                 School Song: (Notre Dame Victory Song)

"Dakota Valley give us your best,
We stand apart from all of the rest,
With our spirit and our pride,
The Panthers will stay in stride, in stride.
We want a victory, defeat our foe,
We've got the power, opponents will know,
Dakota Valley stands with pride,
The Panthers are on our side!"

Dakota Valley School District 61-8 | 1150 Northshore Dr | North Sioux City, SD 57049
Phone: (605) 422-3800
Fax: (605) 422-3807
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